China UPVC Pn16 Coupling with DIN Standard Gray Color for Water Supply coupling cast

Merchandise Description

Material:   High top quality UPVC raw content
Dimensions:         DN15 to DN400
Stress: PN16 and PN10
Shade:       Dark grey
Common: DIN and GB
Brand name:      HZVODE

Attributes of goods:

  1. Light-weight excess weight
  2. Corrosion resistance
  3. Modest friction
  4. Getting older resistance
  5. High flame retardant
  6. Higher strength
  7. Effortless set up


  1. The distinct gravity is only 1 sixth of that of cast iron pipe, hassle-free installation and transportation, conserving time and labor expense.
  2. Having great acid resistance, alkali resistance and electrochemical corrosion resistance.
  3. Internal wall is clean, little circulation-resistance, anti-fouling.
  4. Very good chemical steadiness, and the normal service lifestyle can attain about 50 years.
  5. The flame can extinguish right after leaving the hearth.
  6. The tensile power can achieve forty five Mpa, the operating force can attain 1.6 Mpa at typical temperature.
  7. Making use of glue to bond, no want to procedure thread, handy and rapidly doing work.

HangZhou VODE Plastic Co., Ltd., found in Xihu (West Lake) Dis. district ,HangZhou town , ZHangZhoug province, China, was established in 2007. It is a nicely-known producer specialised in large-tech, high functionality, and large reliability UPVC,CPVC piping method and Ultra filtration Membrane housings in China .
Four sequence of goods can be obtainable in HZVODE. The entire dimensions and designs gray UPVC plastic pipe and pipe fittings Obvious UPVC pipes and fittings The assortment of UPVC Ultra filtration membrane housings designs Light-weight grey colour of CPVC pipes and fittings. The high quality and protection are paid out consideration severely. Crucial certificates and identifications was obtained like the authentication certificate of high quality management technique – ISO9001 and the approval of sanitary license . Soon after about 15 many years of improvement and innovation, the scale of manufacturing facility carries on to increase, new big manufacturing facility with 40000 sq. meters will be built and finished in 2571, creation capacity and specialized power will be significantly enhanced in the future. At current, the organization introduces computerized clever creation gear. there will be far more than 80 sets of computerized generation products had in workshops.

These days, merchandise made by HZVODE have been exported to Japan, Germany, Russia, Spain, Estonia, Hungry, Turkey, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, South Korea, Viet Nam, Singapore, India, Iraq and many others countries. The customers are quite happy with our products, and we have been building lengthy and steady cooperation relationship by now. In house, huge volume of distributors have been set up in ZheJiang , ZheJiang , HangZhou, HangZhou, HangZhou, ZheJiang , HangZhou and other metropolitan areas. The advertising shares in domestic have accounted for massive proportion. HZVODE Brand has become really well-known in China based on trustworthy product quality, reasonable cost and great company status.

In the potential, HZVODE will keep on to focus on generating large-tech, higher functionality, and substantial trustworthiness items for customers. We insist that improvement industry with best merchandise, CZPT good quality and reliable reputation, HZVODE will have a broader and much more affluent potential.  

HZVODE attends 3 crucial drinking water exhibitions each and every 12 months in China, they are IE expo China in ZheJiang , International Aquetech in ZheJiang and Water remedy in ZheJiang , At times we will go to the Water Exhibition in HangZhou.  the products  on display by HZVODE captivated so a lot of site visitors at home and overseas, visitors like the goods so significantly!

HZVODE means HangZhou Planet. We intend to develop Domestic Topping Business and forge Planet Renowned Makes in the foreseeable future. With about fifteen several years growth, HZVODE  has been adhering to Unity, pragmatism, innovation and large-performance, today’s VODE has produced a great achievement . A massive new plant will be completed at the conclude of 2571, fully automatic operation will be launched by then. Excellent merchandise and high high quality solutions win buyer recognition, which have undertaken so many crucial domestic projects by HZVODE. In the meantime, the products made by HZVODE turn into a lot more and much more well-known oversea, we have created cooperation with some buyers from Japan, Germany, Spain, Russia ets nations. We are sure that far more and much more clients will know VODE in the around future.

HZVODE is specializing in the plastic UPVC gray pipes and pipe fittings, UPVC distinct pipes and fittings, UPVC Extremely filtration membrane shells and CPVC pipes and fittings in China. Full sizes and types of pipe program can be available from HZVODE. Items are extensively employed in chemical sector, drinking water therapy, bio-engineering, environmental security, medication, building, paper, foods, fire, electrical power and other industries. Organization has powerful technical toughness with a staff of professional specialized engineers and investigation crew. HZVODE have proven close cooperative relations with ZHangZhoug College and ZHangZhoug College of Engineering, which are extremely well-known college in China. With sophisticated imported equipment and raw components, the merchandise created certainly fulfill your requirement.

HZVODE is the top organization making Extremely filtration membrane shells as well as their equipment in China, we have about fifteen several years of specialist expertise in these items. A lot of models can be obtainable in HZVODE. The marketplace share in this goods accounts for more than 80% in China, virtually all consumers in China are employing HZVODE manufacturer. OEM and ODM can be suitable in our firm, we warmly welcome all consumers to be a part of us and operate with you collectively in long term!

UPVC grey goods:
UPVC merchandise collection include UPVC entire measurements of pipes and fittings. Pipes dimensions are from DN15 to DN400. In accordance to distinct wall thickness of pipes, there are 3 sorts of pipes available in HZVODE. They are 1.0Mpa of water supply pipes , 1.6Mpa of drinking water supply pipes and 1.6Mpa of industrial pipes. Industrial chemical pipes have higher acid and alkali resistance, their wall thicknesses are thicker. Pipe fittings are complete, dimensions are from DN15 to DN400, functioning pressures have 1.0Mpa and 1.6Mpa. Fittings have Elbow, Tee, Coupling, Valve, Union, Flange, Cap, Cross, Reducer, Y sort Tee and many others. The goods are processed from system, generation and processing, packing and lastly shipping, each and every method is strictly managed by HZVODE, we try to be ideal in each detail, and offer each customers with exceptional goods.

UPVC distinct Products:
Based on the existing market place demand for clear goods, the dimensions of very clear goods are from DN15-DN150, namely outsize 20mm to 160mm. Very clear merchandise have UPVC very clear pipes with sizes from 20mm to 160mm, UPVC clear 90 diploma Elbow, UPVC very clear forty five diploma Elbow, UPVC obvious Tee, UPVC clear Coupling, UPVC clear Cap, UPVC transparent Male thread Adaptor, UPVC clear Union as properly as UPVC obvious Valve. Distinct merchandise adopted with UPVC pure uncooked content to make, it has greater demands for merchandise technological innovation, a large transparency, clarity, strength are essential, and there are no problems on the items. Every single exhibition, clear items turn into a emphasize on the stand, attracting many buyers to check out.

Ultra filtration membrane housings:
HZVODE is the principal supplier of Extremely filtration membrane shells as nicely as their components for Ultra filtration subject in China, we have about fifteen many years of skilled encounter in these products. The dimensions have 2″, 4″,5″,6″,8″,9″,10″ and 12″ and so on. A lot of types can be available in HZVODE. The market place share in this goods accounts for far more than 80% in China, nearly all consumers in China are using HZVODE brand. OEM and ODM can be acceptable in our organization, we warmly welcome all buyers to join us and work with you jointly in potential!

one.What is your MOQ?
No MOQ, any amount is acceptable in our business.

2.What is your shipping time?
The time of shipping and delivery is around15-20 times.

three.What is the transport port?
We ship the products by means of HangZhou and ZheJiang port.

4.What is your payment terms?
thirty% T/T in advance,70% at the sight of copy of B/L.

five.What is the place of your company?
Our firm is located in the HangZhou, ZHangZhoug ,China.
We are warmly welcome you if you would like to have a pay a visit to.

six. Are you a maker or buying and selling organization ? 
Sure, we are a expert maker in UPVC and CPVC goods, and have practically 15 years. 

7.Can you take OEM or ODM?
Of course, OEM is welcomed, and also we cooperated with tons of consumers in accordance to your require. 

8.Why choose us?
Because of skilled, responsible, stringent with things, exceptional goods, competitive cost, quick of time solution, rapidly shipping. Warmly welcomed in Germany, Japan, Spain, Russia, Canada and so forth industry.


US $0.01-9.99
/ Piece
1 Piece

(Min. Order)


Standard: DIN, ANSI, GB, JIS, BSW
Material: PVC
Connection: Welding
Specification: DN15-DN400
Trademark: HZVODE
Origin: China


US $0.01-9.99
/ Piece
1 Piece

(Min. Order)


Standard: DIN, ANSI, GB, JIS, BSW
Material: PVC
Connection: Welding
Specification: DN15-DN400
Trademark: HZVODE
Origin: China



What Is a Coupling?

A coupling is a device used to connect two shafts. It transmits power between them and allows for some misalignment or end movement. There are several types of couplings. The most common ones are gear couplings and planetary couplings. However, there are many others as well.

Transfer of energy

Energy coupling is a process by which two biological reactions are linked by sharing energy. The energy released during one reaction can be used to drive the second. It is a very useful mechanism that synchronizes two biological systems. All cells have two types of reactions, exergonic and endergonic, and they are connected through energy coupling.
This process is important for a number of reasons. The first is that it allows the exchange of electrons and their energy. In a single molecule, this energy transfer involves the exchange of two electrons of different energy and spin. This exchange occurs because of the overlap interaction of two MOs.
Secondly, it is possible to achieve quadratic coupling. This is a phenomenon that occurs in circular membrane resonators when the system is statically deflected. This phenomenon has been gaining a great deal of interest as a mechanism for stronger coupling. If this mechanism is employed in a physical system, energy can be transferred on a nanometer scale.
The magnetic field is another important factor that affects the exchange of energy between semiconductor QWs. A strong magnetic field controls the strength of the coupling and the energy order of the exciton. The magnetic field can also influence the direction of polariton-mediated energy transfer. This mechanism is very promising for controlling the routing of excitation in a semiconductor.


Couplings play a variety of functions, including transferring power, compensating for misalignment, and absorbing shock. These functions depend on the type of shaft being coupled. There are four basic types: angular, parallel, and symmetrical. In many cases, coupling is necessary to accommodate misalignment.
Couplings are mechanical devices that join two rotating pieces of equipment. They are used to transfer power and allow for a small degree of end-to-end misalignment. This allows them to be used in many different applications, such as the transmission from the gearbox to the differential in an automobile. In addition, couplings can be used to transfer power to spindles.


There are two main types of couplings: rigid and flexible. Rigid couplings are designed to prevent relative motion between the two shafts and are suitable for applications where precise alignment is required. However, high stresses in the case of significant misalignment can cause early failure of the coupling. Flexible couplings, on the other hand, allow for misalignment and allow for torque transmission.
A software application may exhibit different types of coupling. The first type involves the use of data. This means that one module may use data from another module for its operation. A good example of data coupling is the inheritance of an object. In a software application, one module can use another module’s data and parameters.
Another type of coupling is a rigid sleeve coupling. This type of coupling has a pipe with a bore that is finished to a specified tolerance. The pipe contains two threaded holes for transmitting torque. The sleeve is secured by a gib head key. This type of coupling may be used in applications where a couple of shafts are close together.
Other types of coupling include common and external. Common coupling occurs when two modules share global data and communication protocols. This type of coupling can lead to uncontrollable error propagation and unforeseen side effects when changes are made to the system. External coupling, on the other hand, involves two modules sharing an external device interface or communication protocol. Both types of coupling involve a shared code structure and depend on the external modules or hardware.
Mechanical couplings are essential in power transmission. They connect rotating shafts and can either be rigid or flexible, depending on the accuracy required. These couplings are used in pumps, compressors, motors, and generators to transmit power and torque. In addition to transferring power, couplings can also prevent torque overload.


Different coupling styles are ideal for different applications, and they have different characteristics that influence the coupling’s reliability during operation. These characteristics include stiffness, misalignment capability, ease of installation and maintenance, inherent balance, and speed capability. Selecting the right coupling style for a particular application is essential to minimize performance problems and maximize utility.
It is important to know the requirements for the coupling you choose before you start shopping. A proper selection process takes into account several design criteria, including torque and rpm, acoustic signals, and environmental factors. Once you’ve identified these parameters, you can select the best coupling for the job.
A gear coupling provides a mechanical connection between two rotating shafts. These couplings use gear mesh to transmit torque and power between two shafts. They’re typically used on large industrial machines, but they can also be used in smaller motion control systems. In smaller systems, a zero-backlash coupling design is ideal.
Another type of coupling is the flange coupling. These are easy to manufacture. Their design is similar to a sleeve coupling. But unlike a sleeve coupling, a flange coupling features a keyway on one side and two threaded holes on the other. These couplings are used in medium-duty industrial applications.
Besides being useful for power transmission, couplings can also prevent machine vibration. If vibration occurs in a machine, it can cause it to deviate from its predetermined position, or damage the motor. Couplings, however, help prevent this by absorbing the vibration and shock and preventing damage to expensive parts.
Couplings are heavily used in the industrial machinery and electrical industries. They provide the necessary rotation mechanism required by machinery and other equipment. Coupling suppliers can help customers find the right coupling for a specific application.

Criteria for selecting a coupling

When selecting a coupling for a specific application, there are a number of different factors to consider. These factors vary greatly, as do operating conditions, so selecting the best coupling for your system can be challenging. Some of these factors include horsepower, torque, and speed. You also need to consider the size of the shafts and the geometry of the equipment. Space restrictions and maintenance and installation requirements should also be taken into account. Other considerations can be specific to your system, such as the need for reversing.
First, determine what size coupling you need. The coupling’s size should be able to handle the torque required by the application. In addition, determine the interface connection, such as straight or tapered keyed shafts. Some couplings also feature integral flange connections.
During the specification process, be sure to specify which materials the coupling will be made of. This is important because the material will dictate most of its performance characteristics. Most couplings are made of stainless steel or aluminum, but you can also find ones made of Delrin, titanium, or other engineering-grade materials.
One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a coupling is its torque capability. If the torque rating is not adequate, the coupling can be damaged or break easily. Torque is a major factor in coupling selection, but it is often underestimated. In order to ensure maximum coupling performance, you should also take into consideration the size of the shafts and hubs.
In some cases, a coupling will need lubrication throughout its lifecycle. It may need to be lubricated every six months or even once a year. But there are couplings available that require no lubrication at all. An RBI flexible coupling by CZPT is one such example. Using a coupling of this kind can immediately cut down your total cost of ownership.
China UPVC Pn16 Coupling with DIN Standard Gray Color for Water Supply     coupling castChina UPVC Pn16 Coupling with DIN Standard Gray Color for Water Supply     coupling cast
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